Foot Spas, Aging While Thirty-Something, and Wonder Woman (004)

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Foot Spas, Aging While Thirty-Something, and Wonder Woman (004)


Sarah & Kim are in Dallas together! They went to a foot spa, talked about aging (and how it starts happening earlier than you think it will), and saw Wonder Woman! Basically: It’s 2 girls, 1 mic.

Foot Spas & Aging

Foot spas! OMG they’re so amazing. We recommend! (If you’re in Dallas, try YiYi on the Northeast side.)

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Sarah and Kim chat about how you notice small changes in your body or how injuries occur more easily.

BTW, Kim normally podcasts in a closet while sitting very still on a wicker chair. WICKER. (Sarah couldn’t locate the picture of Kim in the closet, but promises to provide one ASAP.)

Wonder Woman

Starts at 15:42.

Yay! The movie is so good! And performed very well!  If you haven’t seen it yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Sarah recalls how fantastic it felt seeing Ghostbusters (the one with the women) last year.

In one of her books (a few years before the movie), Mindy Kaling imagined an all-woman Ghostbusters. If you haven’t read her books, we highly recommend them! They’re especially great in audiobook form.

Question: How does Paul Feig pronounce his last name?

Speaking of women selling movies, where’s Scarlet Johansson’s Black Widow movie?

Back to Wonder Woman, you should see if it you haven’t! Or if you have, see it again!

They chat about the lack of male gaze in the movie and how nice it was to appreciate Diana/Wonder Woman as a superhero, not boobs for the camera to linger on every few minutes.

We both really like the first Captain America movie and seeing the hero’s origin story, just like in Wonder Woman. (Also: Captain America is not a nazi. The end.)

Sarah asks Kim if she’s a PineNut (i.e. Fan of Chris Pine.) Kim prefers Evans. Sarah probably wants to be a PineNut since they have a cute name, unlike fans of the other Chris options (Evans, Hemsworth, and Pratt).

Kim recommends: Justice League Unlimited.

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