Life Updates, Twilight, and Texas Tribune Fest (010)

Hey, Bestie!
Life Updates, Twilight, and Texas Tribune Fest (010)

Sarah and Kim are back! After a long-ish hiatus, we catch up on life, including travel, Hurricane Harvey, and watching all of Twilight in three days. Sarah recently attended the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, and she shares her favorite topics from that and they discuss politics and social issues in the age of Trump.

We’re Back!

Whew! We’ve had a lot going on that forced us to take a podcasting break.

Sarah went to Scotland for a team meetup (since she normally works remotely from home). It was beautiful and she loved seeing cows with bangs in person.

Then Hurricane Harvey happened and we’re from Houston, so that was sad. And both of our moms had their houses and cars flood. 🙁 It’s a tough time down there right now. Even if you have the money to repair your house, it’s difficult to find help to actually do it.

Speaking of disasters, Puerto Rico is having a lot of trouble right now. Consider donating:

Kim went to the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver, and then she left the Vancouver airport right before Sarah arrived at the Vancouver airport. (How rude!) Then Sarah spent a week in Whistler (near Vancouver) for her company-wide annual meetup.

Sarah flew to Austin a few days after getting back from Canada and stayed with Kim! They watched all of Twilight in three days. We live tweeted it on @HeyBestiePod using #HeyTwilight

Just a glimpse into our many, many #HeyTwilight tweets:

We also really love when Robert Pattinson talks about Twilight:

So that explains our many weeks in a row of never being home and able to podcast at the same time. 😀 Also, we can’t both fit in Kim’s podcasting closet, so we couldn’t record when Sarah visited her either.

Sarah’s kitchen remodel is almost done! She’s been making toast in her living room for three months, so yay!

Shoutout to our favorite spot for sweets near Sarah’s: Haute Sweets Patisserie. If you’re ever in NE Dallas, don’t miss them!

Sarah Attended the Texas Tribune Fest

Starts at 13:00.

Surprise: She loved it! (That’s not a surprise at all. Tribune Fest is exactly her kind of place.)

She appreciated the White House and the Press panel, which was about the ethics and responsibility of the Press Secretary for a President (and how that person takes an oath to uphold the Constitution, not to just do what the President says).

She also attended an interview with the mayor of Dallas, Mike Rawlings, who is a Democrat and does good work.

Did you know Texas is a majority-minority state? Only 5% of students in Dallas ISD are white.

Basically: People think “red state” about Texas and while that’s technically right due to the Electoral College, that’s not an accurate picture of the state. Just like any state with big cities, the cities are blue and the rural areas are red. Texas just has a lot of rural areas.

The mayor talked about removing the Confederate statue quickly from the city to avoid trouble.

Ted Cruz was there and got booed, which was fantastic and well-deserved. He tends to forget that he represents the whole state, not just the people he picks.

Sarah also saw an interview with the chief of police from the Houston PD and he shared about working directly with the Cajun Navy (volunteers from Louisiana with boats) to rescue people, which was pretty neat to hear about.

She also went to a panel called Trump, Ethics, and the Law and it was BRILLIANT. Richard Painter is fun to watch on TV and even better in person.

She also saw a panel about the Resistance with Cecile Richards (head of Planned Parenthood and daughter of badass former Governor of Texas, Ann Richards) and DeRay Mckesson (of the blue vest).

The Resistance and Being Woke

DeRay was on Colbert last year and DeRay explained what “woke” is:

As white people, it’s important to remember that even if you’ve had hard times, it’s not the same thing as systemic oppression that people of color experience.

Look around and experience other people, places, and things. As DeRay says, “We’re not born woke, something wakes us up.”

Also, as white people, it’s important (especially now!) to say the things that people need to hear. Don’t uncomfortably cringe after a racist comment and try to ignore it: SAY SOMETHING. A shitty Thanksgiving is less of a problem than making people like that uncomfortable. SHAME THEM. White people must call out racism. And men can’t laugh off rape jokes.

Twitter & Reading Recommendations

Sarah joined Twitter in 2008 a bit before moving to The Netherlands and it was a great way to stay connected to the U.S. from far away. Kim joined shortly after when Sarah convinced her it would maybe be a thing that lasted.

Tip: follow people who aren’t like you!

We have a request! DO NOT retweet, quote tweet, or favorite Trump’s tweets. Use Sarah’s policy of only vaguely mentioning him (since people will know what you’re referencing anyway!) or at the very most grab a screencap of a tweet and use that instead, so he doesn’t get a retweet. (Bonus points if you cover his avatar so we don’t have to see that either!) Here’s an example. It works!

Also, if you haven’t yet, read Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates and also this article he wrote: The First White President.

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