Stranger Things, Buffy, and Bad Episodes of Good TV (011)

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Stranger Things, Buffy, and Bad Episodes of Good TV (011)

Sarah and Kim watched Stranger Things 2 and have THOUGHTS. They chat about the good and bad of Eleven’s journey, Billy being THE WORST, and the controversial “bad episode.” Basically, the Duffers should call them for their notes. Then they recall some truly awful episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, since Sarah always has #BuffyOnALoop and has a list of episodes to always skip. They share their favorite Buffy episodes too.

Stranger Things 2

We’ve watched all of the episodes and discuss season two. It’s mostly spoiler-free and more about the characters than specific plot points.

Sarah’s least favorite part of the show is the upside down. Haha.

Eleven being jealous and knocking Max off her skateboard made no sense and was a very confusing scene.

Overall, folks need to be nicer to Max.

We wish Joyce and other women had more to do in general and made more sense. Duffer Brothers need a Duffer sister! (Or two podcasting BFFs who are available if you call them, bros.)

Billy is PROBLEMATIC. He was a huge jerk and just another person mean to Max. His dad was abusive but… so what? His story seemed to go nowhere and also we’re pretty sure he’s racist. (#TeamLucas!)

The “bad episode” (s02e07) was confusing and annoying to Sarah. She has no time for those ’80s street punks making a fire in a barrel in a warehouse. Kim just wished the hero arc for Eleven meant more throughout the show instead of one, poorly-done, episode.

Hopper & Eleven is Sarah’s favorite part because aww, fish out of water… and the girl really needed some help with her sweeping.

Sarah suspects maybe Edward James Olmos directed that episode or something? (Hey, Battlestar Galactica shoutout!)

Buffy Bad/Good Episodes

Starts at 34:20.

Sarah always has #BuffyOnALoop.

Season one (and a little beyond) is SHAKY, y’all! Praying mantis teacher, pack of hyena students eat the principal (UNCOOKED!),  the sexist ventriloquist dummy, the fish monster swim team, the mummy girl. Whew.

We both hate watching that disgusting skin peeler in an otherwise good episode later in the show. CRINGE.

Why would anyone like Willow OVER Buffy? (or, Willow really at all most of the time?) We have no idea.

Band Candy is Sarah’s fav. It’s so funny and teen Giles is the best. Teen Joyce agrees… eyebrow waggle.

Sarah also loves Hush (a silent film homage that is super impressive), and the Dracula episode… Xander, of course, is seduced HARD by this hot person. Everyone else is mostly annoyed by this famous, sexy jerk. Especially other vampires and we love it.

Kim’s favorite TV episode ever is s5e16 of Buffy, “The Body.” It’s a hard watch but maybe the best episode of TV about dealing with death ever made. It’s a great episode for Buffy and all the characters around her.

After Joyce dies, Willow of course, annoys us by freeloading off her grieving friend in her dead mom’s bedroom! UGH.

Don’t get us started on Buffy’s financial issues… she works at the freaking Double Meat Palace while Willow and Tara just HAVE A HOUSE? No. PS: Sarah could rant about this for hours.

We agree that is not what a good friend would do and Buffy should have called out those a-holes. 🙂

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