Staycations, Cozy Homes, and HGTV Should Sponsor Us (013)

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Staycations, Cozy Homes, and HGTV Should Sponsor Us (013)

Sarah and Kim catch up on what they’ve been up to so far in 2018. Sarah shares the details of her recent staycation, confesses she’s a recovering magazine hoarder, and shares about how she turned her house into a very nice place to be. Kim recently moved and is just beginning to settle in, but yoga, meditation, and patience have been helping her go with the flow. They both plan to stick with therapy this year, and look forward to more home/self improvements!

Sarah’s Staycation

Sarah felt a bit “blah” for a few weeks this year so far, but she took a week off to just be home and relax and is feeling much better now. She shares how she spent her week (foot spa, The Sims, reading, writing, Netflix, doing “nothing” instead of accidentally cleaning the house). She recommends this! It worked for her, as she’s much less “blah” now and back to happily working on her side projects and caring about things.

Staycation TV included: Broadchurch (season 3). It’s gloomy and very good. Sometimes watching a murder-y show when you feel bad can be nice. Also, the new Queer Eye series! It’s so good… really fun and upbeat and also might make you cry.

She also did a bunch of baking. (Highly recommend recipes on!) Recipes for tiny batches of cookies and cupcakes are on right here.

Sarah is also very into Instagram Stories now. She shares life updates, things she’s watching, baking bits, and also reads magazines and shares pages from them. That sounds weird but Kim likes it, so whatever. (She subscribed to HGTV magazine after watching Sarah’s stories one day!)

Speaking of magazines, they share their first ever magazine subscriptions. This leads to Kim referring to Casper‘s Devon Sawa as a “twelve-year-old hunk”………..

Sarah’s been working on organizing her house in 2018. She made a pact with her husband to read every magazine within a month and get rid of it. She’s also added Elfa from The Container Store to her last few closets and is in the process of putting things away and labeling them. She’s working through getting over the feeling of needing to hang onto things “just in case” and instead making sure everything has a place or leaves the house.

If you’re into Instagram Stories, check Sarah’s on Friday or Saturday nights for magazine reading and face mask updates.

Kim tried the charcoal mask Sarah recommended. You too can rip your face off. It’s the Yovanpur Blackhead Peel Off Mask and right here. (Warning: Do not follow the example of the picture on Amazon and put it all over. Stick to the firmer areas, like nose and chin!)

Also! Sarah’s husband’s citizenship oath ceremony appointment notice arrived during her staycation so that was a fun thing too! (Note: Since recording, he’s become a citizen. It’s official and feels fantastic.)

Kim’s Recent Move

Starts at 25:10.

Kim recently moved and now she realized she has basically no stuff and needs to buy a lot. She’s had to use a box as a table a few times. In her many recent home searches, she’s realized how popular mid century modern stuff is right now.

Sarah’s been deep into home decor internet for years now and her advice is: buy what you like, it will go together. Think about what you want and be patient and see how things work for you over time. She can move things around all throughout her house, which is nice and makes things feel cohesive.

Both of their houses were built with a formal living room by the entry. Sarah converted hers to a big dining room and coffee bar. The table is big enough for games and projects and the chairs are comfy. Kim’s working on making her new formal living room into something else now too. Also, Kim shares her couch shopping troubles. Why are so many so awful to sit on?!

Kim says Sarah’s house is cozy and she loves it. Sarah loved hearing that. 😀 Sarah’s house has all white walls, but isn’t stark. It’s bright and colorful, and very comfortable. Just so you’ll be sufficiently impressed by the after photos, here’s a before photo of Sarah’s kitchen:

When searching for living room photos, Kim realized it’s really hard to find photos with TVs in them. But so many people definitely have a TV!

Sarah’s #1 complaint about Fixer Upper is the living rooms mostly have no TV, even though after they leave, lots of people definitely add a TV and end up with it shoved in the corner or wall-mounted with cords showing since it wasn’t setup for it properly. Sarah prefers design that truly considers the way the room will actually be used.

Still, we promise we do like Fixer Upper and we’ve been to Magnolia Market which is fun to visit. (Hi, HGTV!)

Kim recently took two days off to do stuff around her new house. Definitely not a staycation because it was full of chores!

Back to new things for the new year, Kim did the daily yoga videos for January from Yoga with Adriene and has stuck with doing yoga every day this year except about three days so far. She also uses the Calm app daily.

They’re both working on some bigger picture goals. Sarah’s continuing her home renovations (and expects to finish this year). She says her house’s exterior paint job makes people think “vision and happiness” when they see it. And by “people” maybe she just means her.

Here’s a little look (more pics to come!):

She’s also working on some savings goals, writing projects, and plans to keep going to therapy.

Sarah mentions therapy can be hard, but her life is otherwise going really well right now, so she’s going to keep making an effort. (She also really loves updating her old house, so if Chip and Joanna Gaines want to open a Dallas branch they should call her!)

Therapy is work. But it’s worth it.

Vision and happiness!

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