Therapy, TV Love, and Honorary Bestie, Mindy Kaling (014)

Hey, Bestie!
Therapy, TV Love, and Honorary Bestie, Mindy Kaling (014)

Sarah and Kim chat about some positive changes in their lives due to therapy, how TV is part of their self-care (and their productive time, thankyouverymuch, Gillian Anderson), and some of their current favorite shows and characters.


Kim mentions she’s planning to start going to therapy again soon and how it’s not always about bad things happening, but about your reaction and life around those things.

Sarah can relate since she started therapy again right after the 2016 election due to feeling very sad about the result and the bad things happening to people. (Empathy is so, so important, but makes the Trump era very hard, y’all.)

Kim opens up about wanting to always move to a new place or switch jobs to be happy. She’s working on it, and her recent move in the same city was part of taking smaller steps in her life for positive change.

Reminder: Small things can feel just as big when you need a little push (therapy!) to get you there.

That reminds Sarah of recently going through boxes from her mom that she had been avoiding for several years. She finally did go through them as part of organizing her house, and they were filled with keepsake type things she now has a few boxes reserved for. One special find: Her mom’s notebook from 1980! It had a pro/con list her mom wrote about her dad! She narrowed down the “useless” (sentimental stuff) to one little box for each grouping: marriage, family/childhood, and BFF/Kim stuff.

When she started therapy, Sarah hadn’t even considered those boxes a “problem” but going for the past year+ is definitely why she was able to clear them out.

Also! We both recently found notes from high school. We shared a locker (adorbs!) in grades 10-12 and wrote each other constantly. Maybe we’ll share some (not too embarrassing ones) on an episode soon!

In conclusion, therapy can have unexpected results! Everyone should go. Yes, even you.

We Watch TV!

Starts at 22:23.

TV does not mean no productivity. Apparently, Gillian Anderson doesn’t watch TV (neither does the Gaines family from Fixer Upper?) But they are on TV so we think that’s lame. Hah.

We love TV for self-care and we can be productive also. It can be great for relaxing and also inspiration, if you’re into writing, fiction, screenplays, and storytelling in general like we are!

Kim is re-reading Mindy Kaling‘s book and she talks about being inspired by TV. <3

Sarah has ZERO doubt Mindy Kaling would accept her as a best friend if they met.

Kim mentions how TV can also be cathartic, like if you’re watching/sobbing along with This is Us. Sarah points out it’s apparently now the #1 show on planet Earth! And she loves Randall and would basically watch a whole show just about him and Beth. (Their marriage reminds us of the Taylors on Friday Night Lights!)

More characters on current shows we love…

Kim looooves Janet (bad and good) on The Good Place (and so does Sarah!). Thank you, Michael Shur, for making shows where people aren’t always doing terrible things to each other. (Yay, Parks & Rec!)

Sarah loves Joan on Elementary. The lack of sexual tension between Sherlock & Watson is appreciated. Although Kim wonders if attractive people cast on TV makes them destined to hook up, even if that wasn’t originally the intention.

Kim really loves Shoreh Agdashloo:

And she recommends The Expanse for a different kind of spin on sci-fi.

Sarah loves Tina Belcher always and forever.

Kim likes Zoey on Grown-ish for her realistic depiction of being a young adult without a “drugs and sex” episode. Both appreciate she is the right age for her character.

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