Gilmore Girls, Interruptions in the Supreme Court, and Your Mom (002)

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Gilmore Girls, Interruptions in the Supreme Court, and Your Mom (002)


Sarah and Kim chat about their (accidentally romantic) trip to Connecticut this fall and Gilmore Girls, including if they were Team Dean, Jess, or Logan when the show aired and if that changed later. Then Sarah mentions a recent post from SCOTUSblog and they discuss a study about how often women on the Supreme Court are interrupted, and how that relates to the ways girls are often encouraged to take up less space and be quieter. Also, there are some “your mom” jokes.

The Gilmore Girls

We’re going to Gilmore Girls Fan Fest this October in Connecticut. Neither of us have been to the area before, so we’re excited to see it. We watched Gilmore Girls on TV every Tuesday at 7pm as part of our post-high school BFF-time, so it’s been a show we’ve shared for a long time.

We discuss the classic Gilmore Girls question: Which #Team_______ (Dean, Jess, or Logan) we were on originally versus now as 30-somethings.

Kim shares her theory for why some people are #TeamDean. (Hint: It involves another TV show.)

We chat about Rory’s privilege and being “broke” (but always able to rely on someone to pay for things for you, like Rory’s grandparents) versus actually not having money or any way to get it.

Finally, we discuss whether or not we think there should be another season, since the newest one on Netflix ended on a cliffhanger. (Rude!)

The Supreme Court

Starts at 22:24.

Sarah reads SCOTUSblog to keep up with Supreme Court news.

We chat about a study they shared about how often women on the Supreme Court are interrupted by other justices.

Hint: It’s a lot! Back in 1990, 36% of all interruptions occurred when Sandra Day O’Connor was speaking.

Also remember those stats going around a few years ago saying when a crowd is 17% women men report it has “half” women?

Or how women have a reputation for being really talkative, but actually contribute less to conversations in mixed gender workplace and educational settings? Men simply perceive it as more somehow.

Here’s where Geena Davis talks about crowd size and perceptions: Casting Call: Hollywood Needs More Women

A study about this: Majority, Minority, and Parity: Effects of Gender and Group Size on Perceived Group Variability

We chat about how women are labeled pushy when being assertive.

We discuss this is in relation to salary negotiations and discover we both know of women who have had offers rescinded due to countering in a salary negotiation.

Tip: Avoid sharing your salary history to try to prevent being chronically underpaid forever, ladies!

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