Binge Watching, The Rock for President, and Prison Camp with Stephen Colbert (003)

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Binge Watching, The Rock for President, and Prison Camp with Stephen Colbert (003)


Sarah & Kim ask, What if the President really Rocked? and talk about the possibility of Dwayne Johnson or other celebrity presidents in the future. They also discuss the pros and cons of binge watching TV, shows they find binge worthy, and which shows you should probably not binge unless you want to want to feel like dying.

The Rock for President

Longreads has a great quick overview of GQ’s story about The Rock for President here.

The whole story, Dwayne Johnson for President!, is on GQ here. (Recommend!)

We chat about why Dwayne Johnson (mostly referred to as The Rock in the episode) would probably be really good at being a candidate and politician. (He shows interest in people and remembers everything!)

There is some sort of rift between The Rock and Vin Diesel. We determine whose fault it must be.

We recall wrestling in the late ’90s, The People’s Eyebrow, and how The Rock seemed popular in general, not just with wresting fans, even back then.

Is The Rock a Republican, Democrat, or Independent?

Would we vote for him? (Listen to find out!)

We discuss whether we think the next celebrity running for president (because you know it’s going to happen!) will be able to do it as a third party or have to force their way into a major party, like 45.

While discussing party platforms, Sarah points out that your perfect candidate is probably just yourself, so don’t only vote if someone is a “perfect” candidate.

BTW, Sarah says DO NOT tell her anything bad about The Rock, Bruno Mars, or Kevin Hart. They are all so smiley and always seem to be having so much fun and she doesn’t want to know if that’s not true.

Kim recommends Central Intelligence starring The Rock and Kevin Hart, although she warns of a bit that’s problematic. However, it’s fun and The Rock’s character loves Twilight, which is adorable.

Also look up Kid Bruno Mars impersonating Elvis on YouTube. Seriously, so cute.

Streaming and to Binge Watch or Not

Starts at 20:09.

Sarah told Kim to watch Grey’s Anatomy for about a decade and she never did until recently. Kim also watched Veronica Mars and Buffy the Vampire Slayer way late. This is Sarah calling her out in text.

Sarah watches Buffy on a loop. See #BuffyOnALoop for her tweets as this happens. You’ll know she’s nearing the end of season 3 when she says, “Well, gosh.” a lot.

We chat about which episodes (mostly in season 1) of Buffy you should watch once but then maybe skip upon re-watch. But don’t let them stop you from watching at all. Give it room to grow!

Lots of shows need a season to get good. Veronica Mars, however, was great right off.

Black Mirror is a show Sarah watches one episode of about once a month (so she’s only seen four so far). She requires time to recover after each one.

The Handmaid’s Tale: Also don’t binge!

This leads to… the thing that would make Sarah (who is very non-murder-y) go on a murder spree.

Sarah says binging new shows means you can’t talk about it as much because everyone is on a different episode or finishes fast, and spoilers are everywhere.

We chat about shows that are great for binge watching. Sarah says The Mindy Project!

Kim says Dear White People. Then she recommends stopping the podcast to go watch Moonlight. (Good thing it was basically over at this point because that is terrible advice from people who want you to listen to their podcast.)

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