First Pets, Healthcare, and Government Dirtbags (008)


Sarah and Kim talk about Presidential pets, including how the current president is the only one in history to not have one. They also chat about past struggles without healthcare and how that carries over even after you’ve got coverage.

First Pets

The current president is the first one without any pets.

Here’s the Smithsonian Mag article we discussed: The First Pet Position in the Trump White House Will Remain Open—for Meow.

We miss Bo Obama.

Every time Sarah sees Mike Pence, she imagines him petting a hairless dog or cat. Pence is mostly a creepy jerk (hello, gay conversion therapy), but he does have a pet rabbit named Marlon Bundo (and the rabbit is on Instagram).

Barney Bush shared some videos back in the day. He literally meets with President Bush in this video and also Karl Rove auditions for a part in his extravaganza? It’s weird and sort of great but mostly we can’t believe it’s real.


Starts at 6:59.

Sarah and Kim chat about the recent healthcare votes trying to repeal (and sometimes replace?) the Affordable Care Act. Thank you, Senate Dems + Republican Senators Collins and Murkowski who held strong the whole time, and McCain who voted the right way in the end.

Pete Souza is the king of shade. His well-timed Instagram posts of photos from the Obama administration are PERFECTION.

Sarah has always been really into politics and discusses how it’s exciting to see so many people paying more attention now.

Related: Emily’s List sees 15,000 women expressing interest in running for office. (This is awesome.)

Also, we have both listened to Ted Cruz’s annoying voicemail message waaaaaay too many times this year. (He sucks.) John Cornyn is also the worst. (Hence: the “dirtbag” in the title.)

They share some personal experiences with healthcare, including childhood and college issues (pre-Obamacare), as well as Sarah’s time in The Netherlands.

We love Planned Parenthood. If you can, send some money their way.

Also, hi: Tax money doesn’t pay for abortions, so get over it. (Also, tax money should pay for abortions. Bye.)

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