Dog Besties, TGIF Returns, and Trevor the Rude Bird (009)

Sarah and Kim chat about their own past pets, how they made a big difference in their lives at certain times, and why they are pro-adopting a dog. They also discuss TV shows from the ’90s coming to Hulu, reboots and remakes, and the good and bad of how much has changed in TV culture.

A Rude Bird & Dog Friends

Kim fills Sarah in on how a bird outside her office has been attacking her lately. (It’s probably because she carries a red backpack and the bird finds that totally offensive.) Sarah names the bird Trevor and they both agree he is a jerk & may also have some bull DNA. (Sarah has been watching a lot of Zoo this summer, as previously discussed in episode five.)

Kim talks about being young and having a dog friend help her get through her parent’s separation.

Sarah talks about moving with her beagle, Toby, to the Netherlands, where they were both Americans learning their way around a new place. (They both had to get used to the Dutch language and all the rain!) She also talks about what it was like to adopt from a rescue and some of the benefits of getting an adult dog who already knows things. (Also, Kim’s totally not bitter about that time Toby stole her Chick-fil-a sandwich.)

Austin, where Kim lives, is a “no kill” city, so pets are sheltered there indefinitely. We are both very pro-doing research and helping keep the pet population down, so we think adoption is a great option! (Euthanizing pets, although sad, can sometimes be more merciful than just packing them into shelters for years without a family.)

Sarah shares that a small book publisher recently asked to use a photo of her beagle looking very annoyed while wearing a party hat for a party-themed book. This photo has been getting a lot of use since Sarah took it. For example:

Sarah wants land with goats and other animals eventually but has not yet gotten another dog after Toby, since he was just so awesome.

Kim hopes she can one day have a cool dog like Toby, since she and other millennials are buying a house to have space for a dog at a higher rate than for kids or marriage.

Returning to TV

Starts at 25:14.

Hulu is bringing back TGIF. Huh.

Sarah and Kim discover they both got pizza on Friday nights for TGIF and also watched Saved by the Bell before school. Do current kids and teens have similar shared television watching habits, or has all of the streaming, DVR-ing, and variety changed that?

Also, is NBC about to make us redo that old Thursday night lineup? Will & Grace is back. What’s next?

Why do we keep re-doing the same shows/ideas? There are more stories out there we haven’t given space yet and also… it’s boring! They chat about how it seems like there were more shows centered on black families and people back then. (Fresh Prince, Living Single, Family Matters, etc.)

And also: watching old TV or movies now is now like “whoa, offensive.” If someone is watching is racist, homophobic, transphobic, or sexist, don’t the old shows being released now just reinforce those ideas for them when they watch. There’s nothing challenging those ideas and the shows are mainstream (although old).

Sarah recommends CBS All Access for The Good Fight, which is an excellent show. However, it’s a slippery slope to watching Big Brother, because they have the episodes and live feeds on there. Sarah watched an old season of BB recently (after hearing it’s supposed to have the best player ever on it) and was surprised to hear conversations about houseguests meeting their first gay person. (Wow! We’ve come a long way.)

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